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Yep, busy this morning on the internets.

Yep, busy this morning on the internets. New diet meal review blog post. http://ow.ly/dd172

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Some fun, and more importantly, new stuff!

I decided to use my blog as a place to post some of the food items I’ll be attempting to eat as I lose weight (again!).  I’ve been reading up a little about men’s health and how to try to keep portions down and the whole nine.

It seems that a good way to go about this is frozen meals for lunch.  I know, I thought it was BS at first too, but check it out.  The biggest benefit these frozen meals have going for them is portion size.  When there’s no more food, you’re done eating.  Sounds like I’m a freakin’ baby right?  Like a dog that will eat their self to death.  Not really and I’m not talking about “Hungry Man” frozen dinners boys.  It makes sense really when you think about frozen dinners that represent what a serving size should be.  You eat that and then maybe a decent snack during the work day and you’re good to go.  How hard can it be right?

Well, I guess I’ll see.  I’m going to do little reviews about these healthy frozen meals and let you know all about them up front.  First things first.  I’m a picky eater.  Mom never pushed me to eat tons of veggies, so I really stick with corn, peas, carrots, potatoes and some asparagus.  I do like salad sometimes, but that’s about it.  For you veggie fans, there are a lot more alternatives out there for you.

Another thing, I’m using the book Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Edition 2012 to help me in picking out these frozen meals as well as snack bars and the like.  Most shockingly, I’ve made the switch over to Coke Zero and other diet drinks in place of my normal Coke and Rockstar/NOS Drink throwdowns.  It’s hard!  I hate the aftertaste of Coke Zero and most diet drinks.  The good news, I’ll drink less of the shit.  Also, if Coke Zero is ice cold…I’m good.

So, we’ll start off here below:

evol foods Chicken Enchilada Bowl

Slightly better than the bowl in which it comes

evol Foods Chicken Enchilada Bowl $5 (or thereabouts)

Natural • 22g Protein • 7g Fiber • Gluten Free • Net Wt. 9oz

Tender braised white meat chickenpinto beanscilantro lime rice, cheddar cheese and roasted corn layered between authentic corn tortillas–All topped with an insanely tasty green enchilada sauce.

I’m going to break these things down pretty simply.  0-5 for taste, 0-5 for fullness and 0-5 for overall experience.  Obviously 0 is the worst and 5 is really eff’n good.

Taste:  2 1/2

This thing was mediocre at best.  Bland could be a word you might use.  The corn had good flavor and I could taste the tortillas alright.  The chicken, though, was few and far between really.  Also, there’s literally no cheese to this thing, so don’t get your hopes up from the action pic on the front of the box.

Fullness:  3 1/2

I was pretty much filled up by this.  I mean, that must be a little kid’s play bowl on the front of the box that this thing is heaping out of right?  I did want more, but duh, I kinda figured that might happen.  I was able to hold out a few hours afterwards until I cracked open a snack bar.

Overall:  3

Probably not the best start to this new eating/dietary system for me, but certainly not the worst either.  I can do this and I will do this, but it’s not going to be east the first month or so.  Next time, I’ll go with the bean and cheese version with the red sauce for sure.

So there you go kids.  The first of many.  Let me know if you have any faves in this category yourself.  Also, really take a look at that book.  The thing I love about that series of books is that it’s blatantly obvious they’re not trying to push you towards any brand or price-range of stuff.  Hell, they even smash on an “Amy’s” brand pizza in there and offer “Bagel Bites” instead as they are better for you.  Crazy.

Hawkman Out!

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Yes, I know.  I take far too long between updates on this thing.  Sorry, but the interwebs is busier and busier kids and daddy has lots of other things to work on like Twitter, Facebook and video blogging.

So, I’m seriously hoping to add to this blog more from time to time.  I really am.

I did want to introduce a couplathings first though.

1.  The brand spanking new site thingsthatbugthelivings%$toutofme.wordpress.com.

2.  My totally awesome rebelmouse page www.rebelmouse.com/hawkmankt/

I want you to go, yes right now, to the new “Things that bug…” page and put something up that bugs you.  Now, dammit!

The cool thing about my rebelmouse page is that it lets you see all things kyle quickly at a glance.  Kinda like a newspaper front page or something.

Anyway, go check these things out kids and let me know what you think.

Kyle out!

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Blogging’s for chuckleheads. So, sign me up. It’s been far too long…again

So, here we are and its damn near a year since my last post again. I’d make an excuse, but wtf and who cares right? Here’s the skinny kids:


I love Swell (the band) and its a flippin’ crime you don’t know whom I’m speaking of. Yeah, they’re a shoegazer band from the 90s. So what? Let’s just say I’m finding it hard to move on and I like that. I don’t want to move into the world of LMFAO and Lady GaGa just yet (let it be known I still enjoy watching my kiddos dance around to LMFAO whenever I get the chance).

There’s something to be said for going back a few decades or more to enjoy a style of turn age that no longer exists. Para ejemplo, old skool rap beats the snot out of “I have a big &$/@ and tons of money for b@&$?es” music of today. I mean Run DMC just loved their Adidas and the Fat Boys loved to rap about cheeseburgers and shit. Kanye, you’re a jerk, but you do stand out from the current pack of turds my man.

So, if you’ve not heard some Swell before, check this out…


I’ve also probably worn out my first time through Zeus’ new album “Busting Visions”. Seriously, hearing this record a few times a day for 2 weeks has overdone it. I’ll give her a break for now and come back in a month or so. Should sound good again by then. Here’s the first single from it…



Okay, so there’s really no excuse for not watching a full episode of “Big Bang Theory” before a month or so ago. Suffice to say that, sans cable now for as long as I can remember, we’ve come to depend on the sitcom hour following Channel 9’s evening news. So, yeah seen just about every episode of Two and a Half Men, but recently took to catching Leonard and the Big Bang crew after. Then, I immediately put the TiVo to use and now I’ve snagged every episode from the first 5 seasons. Seriously, from episode one this is fantastic. I love this show and can’t consume them fast enough.


Other than that, Eastbound & Down’s 3rd season has been keeping me busy. The show has become beyond too much really, but I’m hanging in there.



Mostly just pulling down tech books lately. I am listening to Stephen King’s 11-22-63 novel through audible.com’s trial. Fantastic stuff. About to the part where I stopped reading a few months ago. The barkeep in Derry is carrying on about the “IT” murders in 1958. I love how he ties his stuff together. Go Stevie King!


New Monster?

Ever seen this one? Me neither before today. I happened into a local QT and there just happened to be a Monster rep there. I balked at the $4.99 price point and he gave me one as a sample. Oh, it’s smooth kids. It’s powerful too. After one, I’m pretty hopped up kids. $5 is still far too pricey.

That’s about it kids. Nothing much else happening. Hopefully one of thee job offers pulls the tigger on me soon. Believe me, I’m ready and raring.


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Time for some news

Well, it’s time for an update.

I know it’s been too long since the last one and I’m sorry about that. Things have changed dramatically at Casa de Trail. First off, I have a full time job. Yep, after a little over 5 years now, I’m back to the workplace.

Rite Made paper convertors has taken me on. They are quite the operation and a great place to get back into the working life. Not that I wasn’t working at home. It’s just different. I’ll be working in a customer service/order management type of position.

What have I been up to:

Not much new on this front. I did catch the film “Troll Hunter” recently. Pretty slick movie all in all. Wild for sure. I think you have to check your head at the door and accept the far-fetchedness.

Cars 2 was something I didn’t exactly seek out, but my son wanted to see it so there ya go. It was pretty good stuff really. I was surprised at the quality of the scenic backgrounds and how well they were rendered. If the first one worked for you, you’ll be cool with this one.

Trying out some new Flying Lotus and some of the new Battles album, but having a tough time getting into either one. Maybe a few more listens are in order. I’ve also gotten back into some Lou Reed. Never really got out of him per se, but just rekindling the fascination in his lyrical genius.

“Cosmogramma” by Flying Lotus

“Gloss Drop” by Battles

Sweet, sweet Lou!

Not much on this end unfortunately. I had two classes running simultaneously and had barely a moment to think straight. I kept up on my geek news thanks to the Zite app and Pulse’s app on my iPad, but not too much reading for enjoyment happening for the last 45 days or so. Recently, though, things have settled down and I’m into a new book.

Robopocalypse is about how it sounds. The book pretty much tells the tale of the impending attempt to overthrow our planet by robotics and just everyday machinery we take for granted. Now, it might sound a tad like “Maximum Overdrive”, but its a little more cerebral and Emilio Estevez is nowhere to be found…so far. I’d say its sci-fi
that reads more like history than anything. Good stuff.

Really nothing happening in this department whatsoever. No time for play when there’s a cool ten assignments due per week for school. I did snag a free copy of the Evil Dead HD game for the iPad, however, and it’s alright. If you are a fan of the films, this dual stick shooter will be right up your alley. If not, there are far superior dual stickers in the app store I would pick over it.

Not much else to report kids. The R’alls still stink, so nothing new there. I’m personally pulling for a Philly world series.

Later all!

Hawkman Out!

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All on da iPad!

So, I downloaded a sweet little blogging tool for the iPad called Blogsy. I’m really hoping this allows me to get things out on a more regular basis from here on out. Bear with me though.

What is up?

Well, there has finally been some good stuff to consume out there in the way of movies, music and gaming. But first…the Royals!

KC R’alls Report

What the hellfire huh? Who’da thunk it? I mean we’re in second place in the AL Central and rocking onward and upward. The pitching is a tad suckaroni and cheese this year, no doubt, but the bats are a cracking and Gordon is finally on board and producing. Yost finally wised up and sent Kila down to the minors where he belongs and brought up Hosmer.

Hosmer…what can I say? Anyone else remember the last time a rookie got a standing ovation at the K? Me neither. This dude is one of s battalion of the future of baseball that we have in our farm system just awaiting that call up to wear some powder blue and put a “Royal Asswhuppin” (pun fully intended) on the Yankees in the Bronx for the first time in over a decade. It’s like it’s the 1970s all over again.

And life is good for KC fans again.


Speaking of going back in time, there’s been a few albums released just recently that take me back a few…

The Beastie Boys come back strong serving up some “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” to everyone. This is more reminiscent of “Ill Communication” or “Check Your Head” IMHO, so serious Beastie fans only need apply. “Too Many Rappers” (much better version than previously released) and “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” are my current fave tracks.

Urge Overkill’s first new album in 15 years dropped this past week. “Rock & Roll Submarine” just plain makes me happy. As do most of UO’s albums. I was never really that into them prior to spending a cool three straight days in a film editing suite at K.U. with a peer (Seth Wiley) that was a super duper major fan. Hearing all their albums just playing over and over at all hours of the day and night will turn ya into a fan…or hater.

Check out “Thought Balloon” or “Effigy” for some gloriously velvety guitar rock.


Thor! Now that was a fun ride.

I’m an uber nerd when it comes to two thing in movies. Star Wars and Comic Book adaptations. Yes, I do own a bootleg version of Roger Corman’s “Fantastic Four” and the “Star Wars Holiday Special” so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Anyway, I will go to midnight screenings of movies from these two categories with hardly a second thought.

The wife, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be so into it. Or so I had assumed. She was all over checking the midnight show of Thor with me. Needless to say that when Thor came out after a nice shower with no shirt on, she hardly cared that it was nearly 1 in the morning any more.

Its a good movie. Seriously, it was a lot of fun and had some great writing and acting. Funny how effects just don’t matter so much anymore huh? Kenneth Branagh did a great job making this film just exactly what it needed to be and not much more. We’ve all seen enough razzle-dazzle junk to last several lifetimes after all. Another quick note; it wasn’t shot in 3D, so its not required viewing as such.

I snagged a couple of advanced passes to “Bridesmaids” last week and the lovely Mrs. Trail and I were able to procure a sitter once again. From the trailer, the film looked great and it is. Kristen Wiig gives a slam dunk performance as a lonely friend of a recently engaged best friend. The two have been besties since childhood and its inevitable that she will be the maid of honor. Shit starts getting crazy and never looks back.

I’ve heard this movie called “a female version of The Hangover” and that’s false advertising. If they mean that the two are both hilarious, then yes, but that’s about it. This film has much more to offer IMHO. There is an underlying feeling throughout the film that’s really the most important material here. Depression and getting “stuck” in life can be painful and can cause one to make an extraordinary amount of bad decisions. The thing is, only you can get yourself out of that shit. It’s a big life lesson we all could stand to learn at some point.

Oh, and this movie is super mega funny people. Run out and see it immediately.


If you know me, you know I’m not a super gaming maniac. I appreciate a well made piece of entertainment software from time to time, but even then, my life is rarely interrupted by a videogame. Portal 2 is a game that could change that a tad for me. It’s cool as my son loves games and he can watch me on this one as there’s no real violence to speak of. As a matter of fact, he was really surprised that the gun in the game wasn’t for killing people.

Portal 2 is both a nightmare and a dream come true for any puzzle fan out there. Sure, the visuals are outstanding, but the gameplay far outshines that. Weird how something can be so successful when things are done right huh?

Not much else to report here folks. I appreciate you stopping by and reading. Hopefully I can get these out in a smaller and more consistent manner from here on out.

Peace out and ABC ya,


P.S. Watch Tekzilla and other Revision 3 shows when you get a chance.

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Okay, so what’s…


the most amazing play you’ve seen thus far in baseball 2011?

I mean, you can make a few arguments, but I will have to go with the amazing catch by Nick Markakis to end the game against the Rays today (http://atmlb.com/ft1hvT). That was silly incredible. Of course, seeing Ka’aihue’s walk off homer last night (http://atmlb.com/h5WRMj) in person was nice last night too. It just may have gotten the excitement of baseball into my boy’s noggin too. So, double bonus.

So, I’m into a few new things. iPad, being the biggest deal right now. I snagged an original 32GB model on the cheap a few days before the new model dropped. All I have to say is…glorius. No wonder everyone and their brother is trying to make a competitive device. So far, only Xoom is even close.

Tiger Woods 12 is tha bomb on here. Fantastic.

Saw the footage from Wondercon for Green Lantern (http://bit.ly/dVRhMu). Looks like it shall, indeed, be a faithful killer movie. Awesome story, effects and even the acting looks decent. Can’t wait. I’m really hazard for Capt America and Thor too. Big summer folks.

Other than that, no big music releases. A little lean in that area actually.

Catch up with you again soon.