Evol Foods BBQ Chicken & Mozzerella Flatbread

BBQ Chicken & Mozzarella Flatbread ($6 or thereabouts) Natural • 13g Protein (per serving) • Cage-Free Chicken Fire-grilled white meat chicken, mozzarella cheese, chopped green onion, cilantro and BBQ sauce–All topped on an insanely tasty stone-fired artisan flatbread. Alrighty then.  I bought this puppy the first day I started all this stuff (about a week ago today).  Its […]

Some fun, and more importantly, new stuff!

I decided to use my blog as a place to post some of the food items I’ll be attempting to eat as I lose weight (again!).  I’ve been reading up a little about men’s health and how to try to keep portions down and the whole nine. It seems that a good way to go […]