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Amy’s Pesto Tortellini Bowl

Amy's Pesto Tortellini Bowl

It’s so nutritional…it’s completely green people!

Taste:  3

Too heavy on the pesto for my tastes, but pretty good really.  Maybe don’t drown it in pesto to make up for the fact it’s an organic meal guys.

Fullness:  3.5

This is a big portion.  Not sure if I can’t finish it because there’s so much of it or I’m just sweating pesto now.  I guess I’ll know in an hour or so right?

Overall:  3.5

If you like pesto, this sumbitch is for you!  I do like pesto, but again it’s overpowering.  I prefer a little less of it.  The pasta tastes great and it’s darn good overall. I’ve had better pasta in my life, but probably not better frozen pasta meals.

Hawkman Out!


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