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SmartOnes – Three Cheese Omelet

SmartOnes Three Cheese Omelet

SmartOnes Three Cheese Omelet

So, here’s another breakfast item.

Taste:  .5

This thing sucks.  I really can’t say enough bad things about the flavor of it.  The cheese is so suspect it’s amazing.  I’ve never tasted feces, but I’m going with “It tastes like shit…only worse!”

Fullness:  0

Since I spit it out and couldn’t stomach it enough to finish, I wasn’t full.

Overall:  0

This has to be one of the worst food experiences of my life.  Maybe it sounds like I’m playing it up or something, but I’m not.  This meal was horrifyingly disgusting and “SmartOnes” should be ashamed.  Fire the asshole who wrote the tagline “Light and fluffy eggs, melty cheese, and a side of Ore-Ida® homestyle hash browns.” because this is frozen dogshit in a box.

Hawkman Out!


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