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Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza

Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza

It’s decent.

SmartOnes Pepperoni Pizza $3.95 (or thereabouts)

Zesty pepperoni with tangy tomato sauce topped with reduced fat mozzarella cheese on a stone-fired crust.

Taste:  2

Not the best.  Not the worst.  I can tell you that most frozen pizzas out there make this look like the worst frozen pizza in history (I’m purposely not including Jeno’s or Totino’s as those are not pizza in my eyes).  I won’t sit here and tell you that this doesn’t taste like a diet pizza meal, because it does.  As far as those go, however, it’s really pretty decent.

Fullness:  2.5

It’s tiny, no doubt.  If you were thinking it was going to be a heaping serving as portrayed on the box, you’re nuts.  I’m still hungry.

Overall:  2.5

It’s amazing to me that they can’t make these taste any better.  With the advances in technology, why hasn’t someone made a better simulated cheese?

Hawkman Out!


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