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Some fun, and more importantly, new stuff!

I decided to use my blog as a place to post some of the food items I’ll be attempting to eat as I lose weight (again!).  I’ve been reading up a little about men’s health and how to try to keep portions down and the whole nine.

It seems that a good way to go about this is frozen meals for lunch.  I know, I thought it was BS at first too, but check it out.  The biggest benefit these frozen meals have going for them is portion size.  When there’s no more food, you’re done eating.  Sounds like I’m a freakin’ baby right?  Like a dog that will eat their self to death.  Not really and I’m not talking about “Hungry Man” frozen dinners boys.  It makes sense really when you think about frozen dinners that represent what a serving size should be.  You eat that and then maybe a decent snack during the work day and you’re good to go.  How hard can it be right?

Well, I guess I’ll see.  I’m going to do little reviews about these healthy frozen meals and let you know all about them up front.  First things first.  I’m a picky eater.  Mom never pushed me to eat tons of veggies, so I really stick with corn, peas, carrots, potatoes and some asparagus.  I do like salad sometimes, but that’s about it.  For you veggie fans, there are a lot more alternatives out there for you.

Another thing, I’m using the book Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Edition 2012 to help me in picking out these frozen meals as well as snack bars and the like.  Most shockingly, I’ve made the switch over to Coke Zero and other diet drinks in place of my normal Coke and Rockstar/NOS Drink throwdowns.  It’s hard!  I hate the aftertaste of Coke Zero and most diet drinks.  The good news, I’ll drink less of the shit.  Also, if Coke Zero is ice cold…I’m good.

So, we’ll start off here below:

evol foods Chicken Enchilada Bowl

Slightly better than the bowl in which it comes

evol Foods Chicken Enchilada Bowl $5 (or thereabouts)

Natural • 22g Protein • 7g Fiber • Gluten Free • Net Wt. 9oz

Tender braised white meat chickenpinto beanscilantro lime rice, cheddar cheese and roasted corn layered between authentic corn tortillas–All topped with an insanely tasty green enchilada sauce.

I’m going to break these things down pretty simply.  0-5 for taste, 0-5 for fullness and 0-5 for overall experience.  Obviously 0 is the worst and 5 is really eff’n good.

Taste:  2 1/2

This thing was mediocre at best.  Bland could be a word you might use.  The corn had good flavor and I could taste the tortillas alright.  The chicken, though, was few and far between really.  Also, there’s literally no cheese to this thing, so don’t get your hopes up from the action pic on the front of the box.

Fullness:  3 1/2

I was pretty much filled up by this.  I mean, that must be a little kid’s play bowl on the front of the box that this thing is heaping out of right?  I did want more, but duh, I kinda figured that might happen.  I was able to hold out a few hours afterwards until I cracked open a snack bar.

Overall:  3

Probably not the best start to this new eating/dietary system for me, but certainly not the worst either.  I can do this and I will do this, but it’s not going to be east the first month or so.  Next time, I’ll go with the bean and cheese version with the red sauce for sure.

So there you go kids.  The first of many.  Let me know if you have any faves in this category yourself.  Also, really take a look at that book.  The thing I love about that series of books is that it’s blatantly obvious they’re not trying to push you towards any brand or price-range of stuff.  Hell, they even smash on an “Amy’s” brand pizza in there and offer “Bagel Bites” instead as they are better for you.  Crazy.

Hawkman Out!


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