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Yes, I know.  I take far too long between updates on this thing.  Sorry, but the interwebs is busier and busier kids and daddy has lots of other things to work on like Twitter, Facebook and video blogging.

So, I’m seriously hoping to add to this blog more from time to time.  I really am.

I did want to introduce a couplathings first though.

1.  The brand spanking new site thingsthatbugthelivings%$toutofme.wordpress.com.

2.  My totally awesome rebelmouse page www.rebelmouse.com/hawkmankt/

I want you to go, yes right now, to the new “Things that bug…” page and put something up that bugs you.  Now, dammit!

The cool thing about my rebelmouse page is that it lets you see all things kyle quickly at a glance.  Kinda like a newspaper front page or something.

Anyway, go check these things out kids and let me know what you think.

Kyle out!


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