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Blogging’s for chuckleheads. So, sign me up. It’s been far too long…again

So, here we are and its damn near a year since my last post again. I’d make an excuse, but wtf and who cares right? Here’s the skinny kids:


I love Swell (the band) and its a flippin’ crime you don’t know whom I’m speaking of. Yeah, they’re a shoegazer band from the 90s. So what? Let’s just say I’m finding it hard to move on and I like that. I don’t want to move into the world of LMFAO and Lady GaGa just yet (let it be known I still enjoy watching my kiddos dance around to LMFAO whenever I get the chance).

There’s something to be said for going back a few decades or more to enjoy a style of turn age that no longer exists. Para ejemplo, old skool rap beats the snot out of “I have a big &$/@ and tons of money for b@&$?es” music of today. I mean Run DMC just loved their Adidas and the Fat Boys loved to rap about cheeseburgers and shit. Kanye, you’re a jerk, but you do stand out from the current pack of turds my man.

So, if you’ve not heard some Swell before, check this out…


I’ve also probably worn out my first time through Zeus’ new album “Busting Visions”. Seriously, hearing this record a few times a day for 2 weeks has overdone it. I’ll give her a break for now and come back in a month or so. Should sound good again by then. Here’s the first single from it…



Okay, so there’s really no excuse for not watching a full episode of “Big Bang Theory” before a month or so ago. Suffice to say that, sans cable now for as long as I can remember, we’ve come to depend on the sitcom hour following Channel 9’s evening news. So, yeah seen just about every episode of Two and a Half Men, but recently took to catching Leonard and the Big Bang crew after. Then, I immediately put the TiVo to use and now I’ve snagged every episode from the first 5 seasons. Seriously, from episode one this is fantastic. I love this show and can’t consume them fast enough.


Other than that, Eastbound & Down’s 3rd season has been keeping me busy. The show has become beyond too much really, but I’m hanging in there.



Mostly just pulling down tech books lately. I am listening to Stephen King’s 11-22-63 novel through audible.com’s trial. Fantastic stuff. About to the part where I stopped reading a few months ago. The barkeep in Derry is carrying on about the “IT” murders in 1958. I love how he ties his stuff together. Go Stevie King!


New Monster?

Ever seen this one? Me neither before today. I happened into a local QT and there just happened to be a Monster rep there. I balked at the $4.99 price point and he gave me one as a sample. Oh, it’s smooth kids. It’s powerful too. After one, I’m pretty hopped up kids. $5 is still far too pricey.

That’s about it kids. Nothing much else happening. Hopefully one of thee job offers pulls the tigger on me soon. Believe me, I’m ready and raring.



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