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Time for some news

Well, it’s time for an update.

I know it’s been too long since the last one and I’m sorry about that. Things have changed dramatically at Casa de Trail. First off, I have a full time job. Yep, after a little over 5 years now, I’m back to the workplace.

Rite Made paper convertors has taken me on. They are quite the operation and a great place to get back into the working life. Not that I wasn’t working at home. It’s just different. I’ll be working in a customer service/order management type of position.

What have I been up to:

Not much new on this front. I did catch the film “Troll Hunter” recently. Pretty slick movie all in all. Wild for sure. I think you have to check your head at the door and accept the far-fetchedness.

Cars 2 was something I didn’t exactly seek out, but my son wanted to see it so there ya go. It was pretty good stuff really. I was surprised at the quality of the scenic backgrounds and how well they were rendered. If the first one worked for you, you’ll be cool with this one.

Trying out some new Flying Lotus and some of the new Battles album, but having a tough time getting into either one. Maybe a few more listens are in order. I’ve also gotten back into some Lou Reed. Never really got out of him per se, but just rekindling the fascination in his lyrical genius.

“Cosmogramma” by Flying Lotus

“Gloss Drop” by Battles

Sweet, sweet Lou!

Not much on this end unfortunately. I had two classes running simultaneously and had barely a moment to think straight. I kept up on my geek news thanks to the Zite app and Pulse’s app on my iPad, but not too much reading for enjoyment happening for the last 45 days or so. Recently, though, things have settled down and I’m into a new book.

Robopocalypse is about how it sounds. The book pretty much tells the tale of the impending attempt to overthrow our planet by robotics and just everyday machinery we take for granted. Now, it might sound a tad like “Maximum Overdrive”, but its a little more cerebral and Emilio Estevez is nowhere to be found…so far. I’d say its sci-fi
that reads more like history than anything. Good stuff.

Really nothing happening in this department whatsoever. No time for play when there’s a cool ten assignments due per week for school. I did snag a free copy of the Evil Dead HD game for the iPad, however, and it’s alright. If you are a fan of the films, this dual stick shooter will be right up your alley. If not, there are far superior dual stickers in the app store I would pick over it.

Not much else to report kids. The R’alls still stink, so nothing new there. I’m personally pulling for a Philly world series.

Later all!

Hawkman Out!


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