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Okay, so what’s…


the most amazing play you’ve seen thus far in baseball 2011?

I mean, you can make a few arguments, but I will have to go with the amazing catch by Nick Markakis to end the game against the Rays today (http://atmlb.com/ft1hvT). That was silly incredible. Of course, seeing Ka’aihue’s walk off homer last night (http://atmlb.com/h5WRMj) in person was nice last night too. It just may have gotten the excitement of baseball into my boy’s noggin too. So, double bonus.

So, I’m into a few new things. iPad, being the biggest deal right now. I snagged an original 32GB model on the cheap a few days before the new model dropped. All I have to say is…glorius. No wonder everyone and their brother is trying to make a competitive device. So far, only Xoom is even close.

Tiger Woods 12 is tha bomb on here. Fantastic.

Saw the footage from Wondercon for Green Lantern (http://bit.ly/dVRhMu). Looks like it shall, indeed, be a faithful killer movie. Awesome story, effects and even the acting looks decent. Can’t wait. I’m really hazard for Capt America and Thor too. Big summer folks.

Other than that, no big music releases. A little lean in that area actually.

Catch up with you again soon.



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