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I’m tarrrrrred!

Well, I think I can officially say I have some inkling of what my lovely wife, April, has been going through for the last 18 months or so. Man, I am pooped out…and I get to do some homework when I leave here at 10PM. Joy!

Had kind of a weird experience with my last Art Institute Online class though. It was a basic web scripting class and I just started this new evening seasonal job (40 hours a week) and picked up a freebie short course on HTML programming. Needless to say, I think I might have overextended myself a tad. Oh yeah, I got in over my head alright.

So, here’s kinda what happened.  (And here’s the final website)

1. I completely zoned out on Assignment #2 in Week #2 and just failed to turn in the assignment all together. Thus, I missed out on 20 points (which sucks, but I can live with).

2. I had a scenario a few weeks back on a Friday night where I went home from work and was up until about 4AM getting the assignment in. About 4 days later, I notice the teacher gave me 0 points because I turned in the assignment late. I immediately contacted him and asked how it was late as I had it in a cool two hours prior to the latest possible. He said he’d graded it on his system at work and the clock must have been incorrect. Good thing I noticed huh?

3. I get home last Monday night and the same thing happens. I’m up until a good 2AM and get the assignment in on time. The class ends two days later and I have the two critiques turned in for assignment #2 of week 6 early actually. Every day since then I’m checking the gradebook a few times daily to see how I did. Nothing.

4. Sunday (11/14) comes along. I’m three assignments into the next class and I go to see if my final has been graded yet. I have 0 out of 90 points (1/4 of my grade) and a big fat “D”. What? Turns out I backed up all the stuff I had on the student webserver to make some room and it removed my assignment. I immediately hop on the iPhone and, via Logmein.com connect to the Mac at home and re-upload within 8 minutes. Finally, at 6pm (this all started at 130p) he emails me back and says he checking it to grade it now.

5. I go to check my grade that night at 1030p and it’s 70 out of 90 pts with 20 off because he says there’s no “form” within the site.  What? I put one on the main contacts page purposely at the end of the assignment just to make sure I fulfilled all the requirements.  I had to email back and ask him to look again and, sure enough, he did.  Guess what?

I got the full 90 pts and a “B” at the end of all this.  Now, imagine if I didn’t watch my grades on a regular basis.  Granted, I’d know that I didn’t deserve a “D”, but still.

Okay, frustration out now and I can go ahead and move on from that nightmare.

So, what else to talk about.  Not much really.  I do think the whole idea of Facebook’s new messaging thingie is pretty cool.  That should really change things up some.

Other than that, I’m just jazzed about the new N.E.R.D. album.  The new Electric Six album.  And last, but not least, the new Monster Magnet album.

Not much else really going on.

Hopefully, I can keep this updated a little better from here on out.  Here are some of my recent Video Bloggie links…




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