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Back to the Salt Mines

So, it’s been a while and we’ve basically decided that it’s time for me to get back to work. It’s really for a variety of reasons. Primarily, financial circumstances warrant this return though. Also, Audrey could do with a little structure and discipline that will hopefully come from the daycare environment.

I’m torn really. I am indeed very happy to work again. I mean, I love these two, but I long to speak to another adult again during the day. Really the only drawback is that I hope I’m not cheating Audrey out of her allotted time. I mean, I’ve been here with Christopher since he was just a few months old. Audrey is, on the other hand, only getting a two years worth. Thing is, she needs more social interaction and the like. Here are a couple of action shots of these two from the big dog Canon Rebel…

Auds jumping in mud puddles

This is from Cemetery Day 2010. As you can tell, it was a wet mess. It literally poured the entire time until it was over. Then Audrey went on a tear in her rain boots stomping through puddles and getting muddy. She had a blast. Also, the group voted to have a website again. This time, they’re paying for it. So, more on that as it comes out.

Okay, so back to normal…


Well, not much right now that’s new out there. I’ve been listening to the LCD Soundsystem album that just dropped. It’s okay. I really prefer the previous two personally.


I’m also kinda into Broken Bells, Radar Brothers – The Illustrated Garden and Band of Horses – Infinite Arms.



Really no time or anything here. I mean, April and I are trying to finish out all of the “Lost” episodes we have recorded, but not much other than that. I don’t miss any episodes of “Tekzilla” or “AppJudgement” on Revision3 either. Other than that, not much in the watching department.


Well, I did it. I traded darn near everything I had in to get “Lost Planet 2” for the 360. It’s simply amazing and, once you get past the whole only online play thing, it’s better than the original. I could get lost in something like this, so I’m keeping it to a minimum. Here’s a trailer and some groovy screenshots.



And that’s about it kids.

More to come soon.

Hawkman Out!


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