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Well, that deflated my balloon!

So, who else is totally and completely surprised by the Jayhawks going out in the second round?  Well, according to the numbers, about 98% of all those who did brackets had them picked to win it all.  What a freakin’ bummer.  And to make it even worse, well the K-State Wildcats made it to the Sweet 16.  I’ll never hear the end of it from those Purple Pussies.  That’s sucks.  Nuff Said!

You weren't alone bro bro.

So, on a lighter note, lets talk about shit I like.  Because, I do not like that at all.


Well, still digging on Zeus a lot.  Trying not to burn out on them, but who knows.  I am also knee deep in “Plastic Beach” by Gorillaz.  It took a good half dozen listens to start to enjoy it some, but I’ve come around to it.  It really is another fantastic piece of work by these guys.  Great job.  Snagged the double disc at Target and it has some great stuff in it including an all access pass to their website for the album and all the goodies that can be found there.  Here’s a groovy wallpaper I got.

Dive Dive Dive!


Not much really.  Did start to catch up on “Breaking Bad

Oh, they break bad on this show alright!

If you haven’t seen this show, well its not for the feint of heart.  It can be brutal at times, but the story is great.  As is the acting.  Great stuff.  I think you need to run now and watch some of it.  I mean, how many times do you get to watch a high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer cook meth?



Not much really.  Zombies vs. Plants on my iPhone is a blast and I do come back to that the most.  Great game.


Not much here either.  I did get back into “It” by S. King because of a school project I’m working on.  We had to redesign a book cover to make it (in our opinion) better.  I chose “It” as it’s one of the scariest ever.  So scary that I am reading it again.  It’s been a cool 20 years since the last time.  Here’s the original cover and mine follows.

Oh, it's f-bomb scary alright kids.

Scarier at all?

That’s about it.  I really just wanted to whine some about my hawks.  Dammit!  There, I feel better now…not really.



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