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Phew! That was close, kinda!

So, that KU-KState game last night was a doozy.  Well, until the last ten minutes of the second half that is.  At that point, the Hawks quite simply destroyed them.  About as much as the Royals are getting destroyed right now as I listen to the radio broadcast of their first Spring Training game.  It’s 12-3 Rangers right now.  Sucky!

It’s been a while huh?  Sorry it’s taken so long, but thems the breaks right?  Lots of butts to wipe and lots of school to, well um, study.  Yeah study.  I’ve been in this Digital Imaging for Web and Multimedia class for a little over two weeks now.  So far, I’m all straight A’s here on this end.  This current class is Photoshop intensive to say the least.  My text is the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book for example.

I love these books. Yep, a dork I am

It’s interesting and I’m longing to get a better grasp on Masks and the like.

So, what have I been up to?


Need to get rolling on Lost here.  I’ve only seen the first two episodes this season.  Though I wasn’t impressed, its just one of those things I need to finish.  Other than that, well “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!” is back and more disturbing than ever.  It’s really amazing these dudes still have a place on cable.  Their sense of humor is a combo of toilet mixed with some major shock thrown in.  And don’t forget an amazing amount of celebrity cameos.

The tiniest glimpse into their warped minds.


Monster by A. Lee Martinez

Meh, it's just okay.

Of course, I didn’t buy it at a bookstore like this poor sap.  I picked it up for the Kindle reader software on my iPhone 3G.  It’s okay I guess.  I just started on it and it’s attempting to be exciting, but it’s not really.  Know what I mean?  Anyway, I’ll continue on in it as it’s supposed to be pretty decent.


Okay, there’s a lot going on here folks.  First off, I will start with the best thing out there I’ve heard in a long long time.

Amazing. Run now and get it.

These guys are from Toronto and I picked up there album after previewing a few tracks on iTunes because the album cover grabbed my attention.  Man, I find more bands that way.  They are simply quite amazing.  There’s a little Doors in there mixed with The Strokes and The Beatles.  There’s much much more too.  I just can’t believe how under the radar they are.  Here’s a music video of theirs.

Other than that (which I’m starting to annoy the wife with), there’s only a little album by a group called Gorillaz that is out there in torrent land.  “Plastic Beach” is it’s own entity people.  Don’t expect to hear “Demon Days” here.  This is different.  If you’ve followed them at all, you know that there would be a change after hearing “Journey to the West” by the side project Monkey or “The Good, The Bad and The Queen“.  Good stuff, but it is NOT “Demon Days”.  And that’s fine.  There’s some awesome tracks on here.  I mean, De La Soul is back, but there’s also a few pieces with Mos Def involved, Lou Reed and even Snoop Dogg.  Yes, Snoop Dogg.  Anyways it is worth a few listens and I know it will grow on me in no time.  There’s just no catchy “Feel Good Inc.” song on it.  If you’re looking for that, well you need not apply here.


I have traded and nudged around a little bit to pick up a few new games.  First on is on XBox Live Arcade and its called “Toy Soldiers”.

I also picked up “Endless Ocean: Blue World” for Wii.  Pretty amazing game too.  Mostly just swimming around and identifying stuff so far, but I know there will be more to come.

Well that really is it for this edition.  There will be more to come and sooner I hope.  Apparently April just got to take over the whole organizational thing for the Kansas City Day event so we will be getting to go and take the kiddos to Opening Day again.  Yay!!!




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