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So, how’s everybody?  Good, well lets talk more about me.


I’m in limbo here.  Can’t get into “Under the Dome” by King nor the “Daemon” book that I intended to read.  Don’t know what I’m going to do really.  Probably a good time for some Graphic Novel activity.  See Below…

See, now this is for those over 40 nerds out there only.

and while I’m at it, I’m finishing up the two “Walking Dead” books from the kids and wife I got on Xmas.  They’re greeeaaaat!


Pronobozo’s “zero=one=everything” and liking it.  Never heard of them and I have enjoyed some nerdcore prior to now.  Heard them over a video on Revision3’s site.  Groovalicious!

Good stuff if you dig a little hip hop electronica.


Been finishing up “The IT Crowd” series from UK and I love it.  I think that the development of the characters is phenomenal and I’ve hardly laughed this hard at anything since discovering the funniest television series of all time.  Wait for it…”Little Britain”

Gonna scope “District 9” tonight.  Never did finish that one the first time I started it.  Hard to complete a movie with the knucklehead crew screaming around the house.


I’m “Bejeweled 2″‘d out kids.  Its no secret that I’ve been kicking ass and taking names weekly on Facebook.  No one even wants to try to play any more.  Its sad really.  I mean that was my major toilet time waster.  All thats in the past now.  Have to find something else new and exciting.  Been working on setting up a VNC to connect to the Windows laptop downstairs so that I can keep up with the Torrenting and so forth, but its been a headache as they want money from me to get things working quickly and properly.

This just ain't cuttin' it

Anyone done this before?  I have it working fine with my mac.  I connect and run things no problemo, but Windows Vista Home Premium is a different story.

Thats about it for now kiddos.

Cathcha on the flip flop!


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