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So, Christmas was pretty cool!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a great holiday.  The kids were pretty funny all excited and ripping through wrapping is a great sound to any parent.  Christopher got his “Trains” that he’s been pulling for a good 3-4 months now.  Here’s an action pic of them in action in his room.

Audrey got something too.  She’s really into dolls right now and got a plethora of dollys and even a cool playhouse with mom, dad, baby and dog action figures.  She loves it.

They had a blast and they are still having fun with all the new gear.

Me?  Oh I did just fine myself.

Pretty Frickin' Slick Stuff

I definitely wasn’t planning on receiving this.  I think I had said something about it a long time ago and April apparently remembered.  It’s a very neat and unique gift and I’m loving the concert.  Great sound and well, it’s just cool.

That's me in the helmet.

I did score a copy of Halo 3 ODST also.  I love the Halo game series and if you are having trouble reaching me in the near future, well look on XBox Live.

Brains ARE yummy after all

I just love a good zombie story...or a bad zombie story too.

I love this series of comics.  Yes, I still read them from time to time.  Get with it people.  At the rate we’re going, it’s all anyone will be able to read here in a decade or so.  Besides, as you can see, comics aren’t just for kiddos.  Matter of fact, in a comic shop (such as Pulp Fiction here in lovely downtown Lee’s Summit) its hard to even find kid friendly comics any more.  Zombies and vampires, well they’re everywhere people.

Other than that I got a slick Watchmen T-shirt, an iTunes card (no doubt I don’t deserve that with my addictive spending on there), a nice big Rockstar ED in my stocking accompanied by my fave candy (Reeses Big Cups) and some other odds and ends.  Thanks all, for the stuff.  Didn’t need it, but love it nonetheless.

Alrighty, so where’s the normal breakdown of what up with Special K?  Right here homeslice…


Saw Avatar in Digital RealD yesterday.  Was it bogged down by some of Cameron’s characteristic shitass bad dialogue?  Yep.  Was it a little too cheesy in parts like the rest of Cameron’s films?  Yep.  Was it the most beautiful film experience I’ve ever had in a theatre?  Yep.

See, now I wouldn't flaunt the "Titanic" thing. Well, maybe the last 90 minutes of it.

Though the movie has a few issues, it is indeed mesmerizing.  I was blown away by the imagery and the seamless integration of 3D in the movie.  Nothing seemed canned just to promote the 3D aspect.  It was just there and made complete and total sense.  As if there were simply no other way to view it.  The story is strong.  I did become attached to the characters despite the fact that most of them were virtual.  The baddest bad guy was your typical Cameron turd, but I eagerly awaited the showdown between him and the hero despite the fact I knew how it would happen and when.  It really didn’t matter.  I was thrown into another world willingly and I couldn’t get enough of it.  Overall, great film that simply needs to be seen in the RealD manner to get the full experience.  Go, now and see it.


Still working on “Leather Maiden” by Joe R. Lansdale.  I haven’t worked since 12/23 and thats when I’m getting this read.  On the horizon, however, are a couple of books.

Oh Stephen, you nutjob.

Some sort of cyber thriller dealio I hear is a good one.


Why the Frank Black live album of course.  Oh yeah, and a couple of podcasts I dig on.

If you are a true iPhone or iPod Touch game nerd...this is for you.


I always knew I like Twits

Other than that, well not much else.  I have been playing more of the NOVA game I spoke of before.  And, I’m hoping to actually open my ODST game and pop it in for some strafing action later today.

I hope you all had a great holiday and please don’t drink and drive this coming New Years.  It’s dumb, dangerous and potentially a small fortune if you get caught.  I’ve been lucky enough to have never been caught drunk driving and I’ve done my share.  You’re too old to act stupid like that.

Later peeps.


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