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Trying to learn more so that…

I can go ahead and update this blog just a tad more often.

I’ve got the mobile adapter plugin downloaded to format for when you’re viewing this on your iPhone or whatever (yeah, I think there’s some other smart phones out there or something like that).

I’m trying to get WordPress setup on my desktop so I can update straight from there as well.


Right now, I’m still working on projects for my web design and interactive media bachelor’s program through AI of Pittsburgh Online. I’m looking to post a few of the things I’ve done thus far for you to peruse.

I’ve also started my seasonal part time tech support Uber nerd job at HR Block. Learning new stuff about connectivity every day there. Crazy technical. More so than I’ve ever experienced previously for sure. ME: “okay, so lets go ahead and I’m going to remote in to your server and see if the Master File Updates are current.” Yeah, I know. Creepy.


A guy in my HR Block training class told me about a great UK sitcom called “The IT Crowd“. I guess since I fit in the category now, that’s why it’s so funny to me all of a sudden.


Right now, I’m knee deep in a resurgence of interest in “The Strokes” I think this all go started by listening over and over to the song “Boombox” by The Lonely Island on which Julian Casablancas (lead vocals on The Strokes) sings.


Borderlands on the 360 and Ravensword and TrenchRun on iphone.

Enough for now kids. I will catch you all on the flip flop.


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