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Well, here we are at Big Boy’s speech therapy session. I love being locked down in the observation room with little Auds. (Yes, that last line is sarcasm)

Just got on the radio again calling into 610 am. The host is calling for Trey Hillman’s (Royals’ mgr.) job. I called in to remark that my belief is the issue lies with the owners. David Glass is trying to have a great value budget ball team and it’s not conducive to victories. I called them Team Wal-Mart and said, “Kansas City Royals: Always rebuilding, Always.” borrowing, of course, from the old Wal-Mart catch phrase.

Truth is I don’t think firing Hillman, Moore or anyone else below their level helps anything. Royals need to revamp the whole thing. Screw these cheap ass budget minded Arkansas redneck owners. I’m tired of it. You wanna win? Spend on some QUALITY players like you mean it. I love Coco Crisp, but he’s only a start.

Where is our Pujols, ManRam or the like? Not on the payroll, that’s for sure.

This isn’t store #459 Glass! Don’t try to run this team like it. Your the joke here, not Kansas City. You tried to run it and you failed. Find another hobby and let someone who has an inkling of baseball aptitude step in.

Hawkman out!


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